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In order to use the internal ZIP, you must provide PKZIP.EXE and PKUNZIP.EXE, read README.TXT for more details on this topic.

If for some reason you can not download Spectra here, go to http://www.hitechlabs.tk/ and choose a different mirror.

Package Description Size (bytes) Requirements
Spectra 1.0 Disktop Spectra GPL main package. 1,239,181 Mouse
Spectra 1.0 Source Spectra GPL source code. 2,125,060 Read NOTES.TXT for details.
Spectra 1.0 Desktop Spectra Desktop Program Addon. Spectra main package must be installed first! 202,997 (Pentium CPU recommended), VESA 2.0 compatible video card, Mouse
Midier 2.50 Binaries A DOS MIDI player. 111,029 SB compatible sound card
Midier 2.50 Source A DOS MIDI player. 74,272 PDS 7.1 compiler
VMode 1.1 Binaries and Source A command line utility for switching between various text modes. 4,434 A PC

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