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MIDIer 2.50

MIDIer is a DOS based MIDI player that works with all versions of the Sound Blaster card. It can play MID and RMI files through the internal or the external synthesizer (MPU-401 interface). Random and ordered playlists are available that can be modified on the fly. Excellent command line support with wildcard compatibility and switches, that override stored settings, may help you incorporate this software into a shell such as Spectra. A beautiful animated text-mode interface (ASCii-art) and many useful controls make this player a must-have for MIDI lovers.

Some Background

It all started back in 1999, when I decided to build a command line driven MID and RMI player. It was only meant to be some test project, nothing serious, nothing exciting. And like many other DOS software, Midier was soon abandoned and was merely placed on my website. It was only recently that its fate was completely turned around. In Jan 2003 I had received an E-mail which hinted me to continue the work in this field as there were simply no good DOS MIDI players out there. Well....there were, but many of them have been designed for a particular sound card, and almost none worked with all versions of Sound Blaster series. Only with the support of Mark Hunt, who had supplied me with dozens of ideas, opinions and hardware related information, who sent me donations, was it possible to keep this project afloat.


Version 2.50

- Documentation

- Skin support. Added many new "skin" commands to midier.cfg:

* FrameCol

* Frame2Col

* FrameEdgeCol

* FrameEdge2Col

* FrameTextCol

* MidierLogoCol

* MessageCol

* TextScrollCol

* StatusCol

* StatusPlayCol

* FlagOnCol

* FlagOffCol

* TextPnlHiCol

* TextPnlTextCol

* ConfigPnlHiCol

* ConfigPnlTextCol

* HeadingCol

- Colour attribute manipulation command "ColourXX R G B" to midier.cfg

- Created three skins ready for use

- The file scroller has been fully implemented

- F11 sets the file scrolling mode

- Now you can use the standard arrow keys, as well as HOME and END for the scrolling mode. However, the SCROLL LOCK LED must be on!!!

- '+' and '-' control the scrolling speed of the text file

- ALT+UP and ALT+DOWN resizes the file selector window

- Implementation of the graphics flame mode

- F10 sets the flame mode

- F9 sets standard text mode

- BUG FIX: it was possible to crash Midier if it was paused while playing a playlist

- The following new commands have been added to midier.cfg:

* FileWindowY

* FileWindowHeight

* ScrollFile

* SaveScrollPos

* ScrollByte

* ScrollDir

* ScrollSpeed

- Updated the help window.

- Configuration updated to reflect the new options

- Help screen updated

- Cleaned up the source code

- And more that I don't remember...

Copyright (C) HiTech Laboratories, Denis Andrianov